Grand National Betting Odds  Rejoice horse racing fans! We are nearing one of the most exciting races of the year – the Grand National. The next handicap steeplechase at Aintree will start on April 4th with the opening day and end in stylish fashion two days later.

For those unaware, the Grand National is one of the most prestigious races on the annual horse racing calendar, drawing the attention of thousands of fans and punters. It’s a prominent event in British culture and the richest jump race in Europe – in 2017, the prize purse was a million pounds. With over 30 fences to be jumped and more than 4 gruelling miles ahead of the competitors, it’s everything horse racing fans want and more.

Of course, in the true vein of horse racing, there are plenty of betting options available. Every year, bookies have a wide range of Grand National betting offers months before the event so punters can plan ahead and pick their favourites. Every year, punters stake more than £150 million on the race, which is a true indicator of how popular it is.

2019 Grand National Odds Preview

With 40 runners starting the race each year, picking a favourite for the Grand National isn’t easy. Surprises have been known to happen and punters know that the heavy favourite isn’t always the right pick. The tough race track conditions at the Grand National make it one of the hardest horse races to predict. However, if you’re a true horse racing fan, you’ll know where to get your tips and hopefully predict the winner.

This year’s handicap steeplechase received 112 entries (47 from Ireland). Only 40 runners will start, though, each one with a chance at earning the hefty prize. Of course, not all horses will get the same odds. Not that those ranked highest will definitely win. Throughout its illustrious history, the Grand National has seen many 100/1 winners, so experienced punters know that the biggest favourite will not always win. With that being said, we’re going to give you several tips that can help you win your bets for the upcoming Grand National.

Go for Horses with Previous Experience

If they did it once, they might do it again. Horses with previous experience in the Grand National have been known to perform well. We’re not saying that they will surely win the race, but you’re better off with a horse that has already run at the Aintree racecourse before.

Stay Away from the Obvious

As we already said, those big names the media hypes up weeks before the race often become a major disappointment. If you want to increase your chances of winning, look away from the obvious. Plus, those high-profile horses from the top stables rarely have any good value in terms of odds, nor do they have a great track record at Aintree.

Compare Prices and Find Good Value

If you want to find the best deals and raise your chances of winning your bets, you need to compare prizes and be a bit more price sensitive. Do your homework and shop around – chances are that some other bookie offers better odds on your favourites than your favourite shop.

Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew

Raising your stakes and betting out of normal size is a recipe for disaster. As we already mentioned, the Grand National is pretty hard to predict, so stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to betting can have catastrophic consequences. Just stick to your budget and hope for the best. Of course, after doing your homework.

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