We continue to cover a wide number of racecourses on RaceDays.co.uk , and in doing so become accustomed both to what makes a racecourse a truly great experience for those attending and also what improvements can be made to keep punters coming through the turnstiles. In these days of online gambling and sports channels aplenty, bricks and mortar venues need to raise their game in ensuring that they stay relevant in 2019 and beyond!


Decent on course pubs

It all seems a bit makeshift on some of the racecourses, when really there’s nothing like having a nice cool pint with mates after putting a bet on, especially if the view of the racecourse is second to none. Plastic glasses, long queues, sub par interiors are all commonplace on many courses, even in pricey executive or members areas. It’s a bit much considering how expensive it can be to go to the races!



Now this is an area where some racecourses have definitely upped the ante in recent years. Some, like Newmarket racecourse, have really found the sweet-spot by offering a day at the races followed by a live show by performers such as Will Young, Tears for Fears, Olly Murs and the like. It really does help you to ‘make a day of it’ and can be really good value for money!

Can the entertainment value be dialed up yet further though? Well at Yarmouth Racecourse they have a tie-in with a local casino, where you have a free bet if you present your race course ticket. Perhaps courses could go one step further and get permission to have an onsite casino, ready for the end of the race day. Or have offers that tie in with an established online casino such as  https://www.bestcasinositesonline.com/ . The sky is the limit really, they just need the ambition to explore these options.


The Comfort Factor

Many racecourses fall down in this department too. Watching a race in some racecourse stands is a bit like scaling Ben Nevis, just without the sense of achievement once you reach the top. Hard concrete steps, as easy to fly head first down as sit down on can be a challenge too far for some of our more veteran racegoers! It’s often not much better if you intend to get closer to the action either. Some bring deckchairs, and it can fast turn into an impromptu maze to even get to the rail. There definitely needs to be a degree of sanity and organisation put into this area that isn’t currently present!


Great Grub

This is really variable by course and some with poor records in the past have got their act together in recent years, but there is still work to be done. The main issue with food at race courses is excessive pricing (it’s already expensive to get in) , lack of options (often chips or nothing!) and small portion sizes (would you like one chip or two, sir!). As I say though, I think a tipping point has been reached where some racecourses are starting to become more punter friendly with the variety on offer, so let’s hope that process continues. An ice cream van and a bloke with a potatoe in the adjacent van doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Anyway, that’s enough moaning for now!

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