Gene Doping Under Fire from BHA Although gene doping is not a common phenomenon yet, the British Horseracing Authority is determined to keep ahead of the game and make sure it cannot become a threat. It is based on gene manipulation science and is potentially a way to cheat the system. Until now horses are bred purely on lineage, the quality of the parents, who are explicitly selected to produce a new horse with the traits of both, in an attempt to create the best, which is the acceptable approach. Manipulating genes is something the BHA is determined to block and ensure never comes into the sport as reports.

Being overly cautious the authority is acting now before the threat becomes real. The BHA Director of Equine Health and Welfare David Sykes explained the dangers at a press conference last week.This is a new technology that is unravelling all the time. None of us here think that there has probably been a previous incidence of it, but that doesnt mean that we shouldnt be looking forward into the next five or 10 years and at least being able to identify if it is going to occur. For example, you could send in material which would alter the EPO [erythropoietin] receptor site, to allow an animal to produce increased levels of EPO naturally [and increase the bloods oxygen-carrying capacity]. That could be expanded to anything else. For example, you could target muscle mass and increasing it, or at some point talk about circulatory systems, increasing blood supply or even cardiac muscle size by genetically altering the DNA sequence.

It is potentially scary to think that something we talked about as a crumb of an idea just a decade ago is now a real and probable threat so you can see why they are keen to make sure it cannot become an actual event. Although the BHA is eager to reassure people that they do not consider it a concern at this time, the technologies are developing so fast that they, along with other countries are taking action now.

This means that they have added one million pounds to the international campaign pot, to help ensure that there is no gene doping allowed into the sport as it would destroy everything that has been worked for. The commitment is unwavering and something welcomed by most people in the industry with BHA Chief Regulatory Officer Brant Dunshea also adding to the official line from the company and indeed the industry on a global scale.Late last year we were in discussion with our laboratories, who said that we need to be part of an international collaboration on gene doping to ensure that we are not globally duplicating work. Across six or seven countries, we are all working together to do various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle on gene doping. Theres no specific evidence that were aware of in relation to there being genetic manipulation thats happening, but we havent done the research yet to be able to develop the techniques to be able to monitor it, so thats what this research is all about.

Kentucky Derby 2019: The Latest Picks For This Year’s Run For The Roses

Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash

In about two weeks time, the 145th edition of the Run for the Roses which is the Kentucky Derby will kick-off the grandest season. This will take place in the Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky on May 04, 2019. The Kentucky Derby is known to be attended by three-year-old thoroughbred racers which will be competing in the Grade 1 Stakes category. According to some experts, this year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby will be graced by the most competitive horse racers across the country.


While we are only a few days away from the Fastest Two Minutes In Sports race, the latest standings have been out this week for the names of the favorites to win the Kentucky Derby crown. By the way, the Kentucky Derby is the first major leg of the Triple Crown Series followed by Preakness Stakes and ended by Belmont Stakes. The winner of the Kentucky Derby will serve as the favorite bet to win the Triple Crown this year and might probably get the most number of odds in Preakness and Belmont.


That said, let us take a look to the latest Kentucky Derby contenders who will surely show off incredible running speed and performance in the dirt track of Downs. Take a look at to this list as there is a huge shift of last week’s prediction and might influence you to change your bet. Here are they to get you started.

1. Omaha Beach (War Front)

Surprisingly, Omaha Beach edges other strong racers like Game Winner as he takes the lead to the best entry who will run for the Kentucky Derby. In his recent performance, Omaha Beach had won the Rebel Stakes earning around $750,000 in the Grade 2 Stakes. He edged Game Winner which only placed second which was the early bet for the Kentucky Derby. With the given performance in Rebel, Omaha Beach had overtaken other top names in the latest prediction and might surely be a winner in the Run For The Roses.

2. Roadster (Quality Road)

Coming off the second spot of recent picks for the Kentucky Derby is  Roadster. He is Bob Baffert’s entry who had triumphantly won in Grade 1 Stakes when he ran in Santa Anita Derby. Rode by a Hall of Famer jockey Mike Smith, Roadster earned a 3-1 bet choice which leads him to run for Kentucky. He is seen to be another horse racer which will ultimately challenge each entry no matter how strong and prepared they are.

3. Game Winner (Candy Ride)

Another Bob Baffert’s entry who has been on the first place every time there are latest predictions has fallen off to the third spot this week.  This is because of his placement in the Rebel Stakes and his tying position with Roadster in Santa Anita. Although he placed third, a lot of bettors are still considering him to be one of the Kentucky Derby’s superstar in the next two weeks.

4. Improbable (Zip City)

An entry who came quite but surprised every horse racing fans is Improbable. His trainers and jockeys underwent a very emphatic decision when Bob Baffert believed that it’s time for Improbable to run this year. Having that said, the decision to let him run in the Arkansas Derby in which he placed second. His stunning performance in the Arkansas Derby has earned him enough points to take part in the Kentucky Derby showdown.

5. Tacitus (Tapit)

Placing first in the Wood Memorial Grade 2 Stakes racing showdown, Tacitus has made it to the top list of latest winner predictions for the Kentucky Derby. With his winnings in Wood Memorial, he cemented a great legacy and a bragging right to be one of the toughest contenders to beat in Churchill Downs. He also won in the Tampa Derby which had made him earned incredible racing points. Surely, Tacitus is another horse race entry to beat.

6. War Of Will (War Front)

A horse racer who placed 9th in the Louisiana Derby is also on our prediction list of winners this week. He is the son of Sire War Front who recently won also in Risen Star Stakes and Lecomte Stakes. He also finished competitively in the Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Turf earning him an excellent racing score to be able to make an entry in the Kentucky Derby.


7. Maximum Security (New Year’s Day)


Earning the first place in the Florida Stakes, Maximum Security remains undefeated in the said racing show which gains 100 racing points to finally punch an entry to this year’s Kentucky Derby. This is his 4th consecutive win and according to some horse racing experts, he will be a threat once he joins the Run for the Roses. Although his won in Florida Stakes entails the smallest margin, his ability to run and show off an incredible racing performance in the Kentucky Derby is something that a lot of bettors are looking forward.


10 Compelling Horse Racing Facts

With less than one month to go till the Kentucky Derby, who creates hype among horse racing enthusiasts, we look at the importance of the sport away at the land of the Queen. Horse racing has always been popular in the United Kingdom, no matter whether your preference is flat racing or jumps.

The stories and heritage that comes with both make it a sport that is unlike any other, with real connections made between man or woman and horse, and who can forget about the thrill that comes with betting on horse racing?

Most people have attended meetings whether it is at a hugely popular festival such as Cheltenham or Ascot, or just a day or night at your local race track. It has an essential and storied history with the love of the sport being passed down from generation to generation. But here are some facts that you may not have known about the competition.

1. It is Britain’s second most popular sport

Horse racing is so prevalent in the UK that it’s only beaten by football in terms of visitors. That shows the popularity of it that it can compete with the highest grossing football league in the world.

With over six million people entering racecourses around the country every year, the sport’s popularity is widespread, making it bigger than cricket, rugby and tennis.

2. It wasn’t invented in the UK

Many believe horse racing was created in the UK. However, although the modern-day sport did originate in Britain, horses have been racing for as long as they have been domesticated. Nomadic tribesmen ran the equine animals in Central Asia in 4500 BC. However, the first horseback competitions on British soil didn’t take place until around 200 AD.

3. It contributes billions to the UK economy

The British horse racing industry is a world leader and generates more than £3.7 billion for the country’s economy. This mainly down to the popularity and tourism that come with events such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National which is held in Liverpool. They gain worldwide viewers as well as the hundreds of thousands of people that attend the events in-person.

4. The most significant prices are in flat racing

The average prize money for winning a flat race is in the region £18,000, compared to £11,000 for the jump racing events. Some of the most prestigious meetings in horse racing are on the flat courses. These include the Qipco 1000 and 2000 Guineas and the Epsom Derby.

5. Royal involvement

King James I took a deep interest in horse racing during his reign in 1605. So much so that he was reminded by Parliament of his role of running the country.

King James established Newmarket as a royal place of luxury and introduced the sport of horse racing to the area. However, it was his son who helped develop the racecourse we know today.

6. Racing is better live

Despite its ever-growing popularity, there are only 5% of UK races that are televised on free-to-air television in the UK. This means that the best way to experiences all the thrills that come with the sport is by attending the meetings. Racing occurs all year round; with the most popular non-festival events taking place on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

7. Racing was once illegal

During the reign of Oliver Cromwell between 1653 and 1658, the sport was outlawed. The state removed the majority of horses after the Civil War, and the early proponents of British racehorse breeding were dealt a mortal blow.

8. The animals aren’t machines

While a human heartbeat on average is between 60 and 100 times per minute at a resting rate, Thoroughbred racehorses have a resting heart rate of just 40 per minute. This means that the horses are supreme athletes.

9. Racehorses were initially bred for war

The three original sires of Thoroughbred racing in England arrived during the 17th century, and racing was never part of the plans. They came having been bred for combat.

Byerley Turk, Godolphin Arabian and Darley Arabian were quick, and powerful animals that were bred with local mares to establish the Thoroughbred lineage that lives on in today’s racing.

10. The Jockeys

Many dreams of a career within racing, but only a few get the chance to ride for a living. In November 2017, there were nearly 450 professional jockeys in the UK and another 300 amateur riders.

Author: Alex Dudley