Perth racecourse is a horse racing venue located in Perth, Scotland. It is situated near the beautiful Scone Palace Park, not from the historic Scone Palace. The racecourse is about 2.5 miles from Perth town center. It was opened way back in 1908, but racing in dates back to over four hundred years ago. The right-handed track is famous for hosting National Hunt races, and is approximately 10 furlongs in circumference, with a total of eight fences to be jumped in each circuit. Perth hosts a total of fourteen fixtures each year, beginning in April all through to September.

Racing in Perth racecourse began way back in 1613. However, it was until 1791 when it was made official with a five-day race meeting which was sponsored by Caledonian Hunt Club. The meeting took place in North Inch Park, and only one race was run each day. Prior to that, racing used to take place only once a year, in September. Racing ceased happening for some years in the 17th century. It was after King Charles the second became king when racing resumed back to normal. He made horse racing more famous and acceptable. The Hunt Ball race meeting first held in 1784 was considered as the social event of the year, and was grazed with a number of people including the highland chiefs together with lowland lairds.

This year, Perth racecourse is set to host a good number of fixtures, some of which have already taken place. On the 16th of May will be the Ladies Day. The event will be sponsored by five of the Perth Hotels including Balathie Houses Hotel. The Open Hunter Chase race will be among the races featured, and gates will be opening from 4:30 pm. On the 3rd of June, will be the City of Perth Golden Cup, which is the most anticipated meeting in Perth’s calendar. Doors will be opening as from 11:30 am.


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