The Beverley racecourse is a thoroughbred racing track set in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of Beverly town, England. It is owned by Beverley Race Company Ltd, and hosts a series of right handed flat races annually, run over a distance of approximately one mile and three furlongs. The track has been functional for about 300 years now, making it one of the ancient racetracks in the country. Each year, Beverly racecourse is set to host a total of 19 race
meetings, with 11 of them featuring entertainment concerts. The races begin from April all the way to September, making it a perfect day out for families and friends.

The first annual race meeting to be held there was in the year 1767. Racing then stopped for a short period of time between 1798 and 1805 before resuming in the 19th century when three-day race meetings were held. The number of race meetings has since then been increasing steadily over the years, and in 2012, the racecourse hosted a total of 19 races. Examples of its notable races include the Hilary Needler Trophy and the Bullet Sprint Stakes. The Hilary Needler Trophy takes place every late May or early June, and is run over a distance of 1006 meters. The race is strictly meant for horses aged two years. Bullet Sprint Stakes on the other hand is scheduled to take each August, with horses aged three years and above taking part in it. It is also run over a distance of 1006 meters.

This year, a good number of fixtures are scheduled to take place with Bygone Beverley race day being the peak of them all. This event will be happening on the 7th of May. It will be perfect for a family day out. Tic-tac challenges,
traditional rides and other fun activities should be expected. Definitely the kind of place you want your kids in.

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