Hereford Racecourse  Hereford racecourse is in Hereford, England. It belongs to Herefordshire Council and is run by the Arena Company. The racecourse is well-known for hosting National Hunt races. It was opened way back in 1771, and its first
recorded race meeting took place in the same year. It is rectangular in shape, measuring up to 1 mile and 3 furlongs. The racetrack is a suitable venue for anyone who is looking forward to starting their racing career. It has also been
used many times for preparations ahead of major racing competitions.

The racecourse had been staging flat racing since it was opened until in the year 1840 when it hosted the first National Hunt race. This made it one of the few racecourses in England to stage both flat and hurdle races, attracting a huge crowd of people to its races. It remained fully operational till 1939 when the outbreak of World War 2 forced its sudden closure. In 946, the racecourse re-opened, and racing resumed. A total of 14000 Euros were invested into it, and the Arena Racing Company obtained a land lease from Herefordshire Council. The course was renovated in 1960. Buildings were modernized and the racetracks improved. After its renovation, the number of race meetings held in a year increased from nine to fifteen. It was however closed down again in 2012 due to failure of the
Arena Racing Company to obtain a new lease from Herefordshire Council, but opened after four years with a crowd of 5,000 racegoers attending its first meeting.

Last year, Hereford staged a total of 11 National Hunt fixtures, with the first season running from January to March, and the second from October to December. This year, the course will be hosting a good number of events. For example, the Hereford Food Festival is scheduled to take place on the 9th of June, and a lot more follows.

It’s not an easy year in the world of horse racing for Kayley Woollacott, but she’s clearly willing to give her all in what will be her first full year as a National Hunt trainer. In this clip we follow her and her team as they set potential stable star Lalor on course for Arkle Chase success at this year’s Cheltenham Festival. With a win behind Lalor already and at relatively short odds for her big outing, Kayley and those close to her talk us through their hopes for Lalor and of taking on such a lofty challenge.

Bangor on Dee Racecourse  Bangor on Deeracecourse is a thoroughbred racing track set in the beautiful countryside of north Wales. The racecourse was opened up way back in 1859, and is owned by the Chester Race Company Ltd. Being located at the banks of the river Dee, the racecourse is a perfect place to watch the races from. Its environment is engulfed with a cool breeze making it peaceful. Each year, Bangor on Dee stages a total of 15 fixtures all graced with the presence of the biggest names in the racing history. The left-handed track hosts only National Hunt races, and is known as the only racecourse in the country without a grandstand.

February 1859 marks the most important day of the racecourse’s calendar. This was when racing first took place there. Since then, Bangor on Dee has been hosting meetings on a regular basis except when it faced distractions from the world wars. In 2006, a series of point-to point races were introduced. The races are run by local hunts and takes place on the inside of the main track. In 2012, BangorBET betting system was formed. This is the recourse’s own betting system, which replaced all former betting systems formerly active.

Today, the racecourse provides a perfect day out for many families during the spring. For example, this year it is set to host a significant number of events besides racing. On the 19th of May will be the Wrexham Lager Family Fun Day. Tickets for this event will be going for a maximum of 25 Euros, depending on the package one chooses. Children under the age of 18 will not be charged, as long as they are in the company of a paying adult. On Monday the 20th of
August will be the Family Evening. There will be a variety of enclosures to choose from, with prices starting from 7Euros. The racecourse will be offering affordable hospitality packages ensuring a perfect stay for every racegoer.

Hold Your Horses: A Beginners Guide In Betting An Online Kentucky Derby Race


Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash


The horse racing fans and enthusiasts have been looking forward to the upcoming 2019 Kentucky Derby. Being commenced every first, second, or third week of May, a lot of betters and wagers have been reading reviews of experts as to whom will make it in today’s edition.

Furthermore, betting may it be online or not entails a lot of hard work and consideration. Betting a horse racing event is not a cheap and inexpensive thing to do; thus you have to be familiar with the place of the event, competitors, and of course the entries who will grace the event.

That said, before you go through the main event of the racing especially the Kentucky Derby which is one of the prestigious horse racing events, you have to equip yourself with full knowledge in betting. In this article, we’d like to give you a full idea on how to bet possible winning horse racers in the upcoming Kentucky race.

Have Fun

The thing in betting is very simple. You have to be fun. The key to enjoying the event of betting is you being able to showcase the ability that you love the entries and the entire show. The choice of your horse racing bets should depend on your ability to like the entry.

Aside from that, the selection of your bets should supposedly enhance and not stress your day. It’s best that you read reviews from experts so you’ll be familiar who are the frontrunners and possible winners of the race.

Set A Budget

It is inevitable that horse racing event may it be big or not demands a very costly wage to look. Even if you’re a casual fan or not, you have to make sure that you set a budget and stick on it so you’ll never go wrong on betting.

Besides, if you are someone who is a huge fan and wants to be fully entertained, outlining a budget and working on it is a basic thing to do. You have to set an amount and make sure you do not go overboard in betting so as not to lose your chances of winning.

At the end of the day, you know the wagering and betting in a horse racing like Kentucky race is not an easy task to do because of your competitors and entry choice. You may either win or lose but at least you make sure that you do not lose everything you have.

Keep it Simple

If you are a beginner type in a horse racing betting, you should not bet all out. It is necessary that you have to keep it simple and take things slowly. Of course, as a beginner, you do not want to lose all your money with a single bet.

Furthermore, you have to learn the odds of in and outs and betting correctly. Keeping it simple and easy makes your wagering pace a little bit easy for you and at the same time you will not lose a lot of money in case of defeat.

Lastly, to place, win, and set wagers bets may be your first choice upon betting. Choose the easiest bets more preferably the superfecta or trifecta bets. Pick at least six bets since the prize may be higher upon winning than what you have placed.

Plan Ahead

For any reasons you will go why you chose to bet in a horse racing event, may it be local or a big derby party, make sure you keep an online derby betting account. Having extra workers on derby to get an entry or falling in line to get a ticket or pass entail a great effort and extra time.

In order to bypass this step which will make your betting easier and more convenient, planning ahead of getting an online betting account will help you a lot. Also, with an online betting account, you’ll be able to set bets with just one tap in your smartphone.

Seek Help from Experts

Even if you are a newbie or veteran in the horse racing events, you have to seek help and advice from experts. This will help you make sure that you place proper bets in the wagering board.

As stated, it is expensive to bet in horse racing event; thus, seeking help from the experts may increase your chances of winning. Lastly, experts also know how to do a horse racing run and the competitive entries that will join the event so they can advise you which will do best or not in the racing showdown.


Generally, you have to be fully equipped with knowledge about horse racing to wage for your your bets online. In some cases, sites like provides you a detailed information about your horse racer bets so you can forsee whose leading the show.

Hence, seeking the help of an expert, setting a budget, planning ahead, keeping it simple, and having fun are the keys to having a successful online horse racing betting. After all, a wonderful and wise experience is your best profit regardless if you’ll win or lose upon wagering.