A true name within the sport itself, Richard Dunwoody has become a name associated with politics as much as the sport that he excelled at and loved. Now a prominent campaigner for the Conservative Party, at one stage Richard Dunwoody was renowned as one of the best jockeys of all-time. with 1,699 British winners in his career, he led on from his father – a P2P rider – in becoming an elite-level jockey of incredible success.


Career Summary


Major wins in his vast career included the likes of four wins at the King George VI Chase, two wins at the Grand National and a Cheltenham Gold Cup. With a huge amount of winners in his life, though, Dunwoody is not someone who it would be fair to pick out just some highlights. He’s been one of the most prominent and consistent jockeys of his generation, having become one of the most revered jockeys ever seen.


However, Dunwoody also spends a lot of time carrying out charitable acts. in 2008, he worked with Doug Stoup, a US explorer, to reach the South Pole following an incredible 48-day walk. They raised a lot of money for charity, and completed another astounding feat of grit and determination at the same time.


Having proven his credentials as an extensively competitive and intelligent man, Dunwoody has gone on to be involved in many different charitable events. Add to the fact that he was the Jump Jockey of the Year five times in a row, and it’s safe to say that his career as both a jockey and a community member has been a success!


Achievements & Highlights


Major Wins – King George Chase (1989, 1990, 19956, 1996), Grand National (1986, 1994), Cheltenham Gold Cup (1988).


Associations – Desert Orchid, One Man, West Tip, Minnehoma, Charter Party.


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