Stretford racecourse is a thoroughbred, racing track located in Stretford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. It is owned and operated by Stretford-on Avon Racecourse Company, and was opened way back in 1755. The racecourse is famous for staging National Hunt races. It is one of the most popular small racecourses in Britain, thus attracting large
crowds of racegoers to its meetings. A total of 18 meetings are held at Stretford every year. Most of them are scheduled for the summer months. The racecourse has a glass-fronted grandstand, a feature that makes it stand out from many racecourses. It was awarded as the racecourse with the most taken care of racetracks in the whole of Britain.

Racing started taking place officially in Stretford as from 1755. It hosted the Garrick Jubilee Cup in 1769. The racecourse was however closed down a few years later as a result of the horses destroying local crops. The racecourse remained closed for about a century before being opened. It hosted another National Hunt race in 1836, making it officially open for races. By mid-1800s, racing was becoming more and more famous in Britain. The racecourse hosted a good number of well-known races including the Warwickshire Hunt and the Diamond Jubilee Cup. In 1968, Stretford purchased more land, expanding its territories. It hosted the 200th anniversary of Garrick Jubilee Cup Festival in the same year. In memory of the occasion, a hurdling event was introduced, which was run over a distance of 2 miles.

The most notable races held at Stretford are the Warwick and Stretford Foxhunters Meeting, and Ladies and Family Day. The Stretford and Warwick meeting is scheduled to take place at the end of May. The event lasts for two days, and features the Garrick Jubilee Challenge Cup. Ladies Day and Family Day takes place every June, and is all about family and friends enjoying the races.

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