Taunton racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racing track located at the heart of the rural Orchard Portman. It is only a few miles from Taunton, England. The track opened up in 1927. It is owned by Taunton Racecourse ltd. Having been opened in the early 90s, the track is the youngest of them all in England. It is well known for hosting National Hunt races right from January all through to May, after which it takes a break till October when the races resume. Right handed and oval in shape,Taunton consists of multiple tight bends. It is approximately a mile and 2 furlongs long, which is a common average.

The racetrack has been holding races since 18th century. Its first venue was located in Broomhay, West Monkton, and later relocated to a new site, which is now the King’s College. They however faced a major setback in 1838 when heavy rains destroyed its stables and buildings. This necessitated its transfer to Trull Moor about two years later. The racecourse remained functional for 15 years after which it closed down due to the outbreak of the World War 1. It was then revived in 1927, after the formation of Taunton Racecourse Company. That is when the racecourse was relocated to its current location, Orchard Portman. Shoreditch Selling Hurdle was its first meeting, having have taken place on the 21st of September, 1927. Since then, the racetrack has been hosting a significant number of fixtures every year.

The most anticipated activies start in the beginning of the year, with the famus Hndicap Hurdle being the peak of the events calendar. This event has recorded a good turnout number, with people flocking the Taunton racecourse
to watch the races. Another major event would be Audrey Chudleigh Memorial Handicap Hurdle, taking place every November. The racecourse has good hospitality facilities, guaranteeing a comfortable stay to anyone who visits.

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