An impressive racehorse in its own right, The Fugue became a mild national treasure for some when it won various awards and races across a short career. While injury at the Eclipse Stakes brought to the end a strong and promising career, The Fugue successfully managed to win a whopping six of its seventeen races, with four of them coming at Group One level.


With her rich brown with a white star and stripe design, this was a horse that stood out a mile away. The fact it was associated with Andrew Lloyd Webber’ Watership Down Stud also helped to draw attention to the horse before it had even taken to the course.


Career Summary


With her only race as a two year old being won with ease, The Fugue had a fleeting run at the top of the table, winning the Musidora Stakes and then the Nassau Stakes in quick succession. In 2013, she won the Irish Champion Stakes alongside the Yorkshire Oaks, also getting success in the Breeders’ Cup at the second time of asking, coming second this time.


At five, she was a victor at the Prince of Wales’ Stakes, before seeing her career cut short after the aforementioned injury when preparing for the Eclipse Stakes. The injury to its left foreleg left it unable to race, and it retired within a week of the injury.


Coming home as a stud, there’s not a huge deal of information about how this has gone so far. It’s good, though, to see that it managed to stay the pace and find a successful second career after racing.


Achievements & Highlights



Wins – Musidora Stakes (2012), Nassau Stakes (2012), Yorkshire Oaks (2013), Irish Champion Stakes (2013), Prince of Wales’s Stakes (2014)


Associations – Watership Down Stud, Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Earnings – £1.9m+




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