Many horses enter the racing sphere, win a few trophies, and vanish into relative obscurity. Like many sports, horseracing will see stars shine for a brief period of time before they leave the sport for various reasons. L’Escargot was one of the horses in this manner, having gone through a six-year spell winning five major trophies. Noted for being the horse that stopped the unstoppable movement of the world-class Red Rum at the Grand National in 1975, L’Escargot is remembered more for stopping history being made than the successes it had itself!


Career Summary


Running in four Grand Nationals, from 72-75, it eventually was the winner as it lifted the 1975 edition – the famous year where it stopped Red Rum on its path to dominance. Under the guidance of the likes of Tommy Carberry and Dan Moore, it managed to stun Red Rum with a 15-lengths victory, ensuring that it became one of the most controversial yet celebrated wins on the circuit.


With Cheltenham Gold Cup wins in 1970 and 1971, too, this was a horse that managed a fleeting but majorly successful period of time on the race course, before fading away to relatively obscurity.


Today, the horse can be found as part of the brilliant National Museum of Racing in the United States. It’s also listed as a Hall of Fame inductee, when it was voted as the American Champion Steeplechase Horse of the Year in 1969.


These impressive stats and feats across a 53 race career showcases that, despite being most remembered for its 1975 successes, that there is more to L’Escargot than meets the eye.


Achievements & Highlights


Wins – Meadow Brook Steeplechase (1969), Cheltenham Gold Cup (1970, 1971), Grand National (1975).


Associations – Raymond Guest, Dan Moore, Tommy Carberry.


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