The name alone makes people stand up and take notice – Secretariat was a thoroughbred who became the first winner of the Triple Crown in 25 years for American Thoroughbred horses. A record breaker through a stellar career, the immense success rate of Secretariat means that to this day it still stands out as one of the most impressive horses of its generation.


Winning the likes of Horse of the Year, the horse was the participant in one of the best races of all-time when it left a whole 31 lengths behind itself as it charged to victory at the Belmont Stakes in 1973.


A talented horse that managed to win seven of its eight starts, with five major stake victories n that time, the name of Secretariat has gone down in racing history –and for good reason.


Career Summary


Known for breaking records and taking in some major wins such as the Churchill Downs and the Marlboro Cup. The Cup itself it set a world record, winning at a whole 1 1/8 miles, showing that it was a horse that could handle itself on various landscapes. By winning hearts and minds with its versatility, it was no surprise that – as its stellar career came to an end – Secretariat made its way into the world of syndication.


Syndicated for over $6m, the horse was a successful sire, with its daughters going on to create some truly special horses themselves. The horse sadly died in 1989 when it suffered from laminitis and died, leaving a proud racing legacy.


Achievements & Highlights



Wins – Sanford Stakes (1972), Hopeful Stakes (1972), Futurity Stakes (1972), Laurel Futurity (1972), Garden State Futurity (1972), Bay Shore Stakes (1973), Gotham Stakes (1973), Arlington Invitational (1973), Marlboro Cup (1973), Man o’ War Stakes (1973), Canadian International (1973)


Associations – Meadow Stud.


Earnings – $1.3m+



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